4 Ways A Surveillance System Can Help You Manage Your Incorrigible Teen

If you have noticed that your teen has been getting into trouble recently and want to make sure that they are not getting into trouble or being sneaky when you are not around, consider installing a surveillance system in your home. Many homeowners choose to invest in surveillance systems to ensure intruders stay out of their home, but they can also be used to monitor what goes on inside of your home. The following guide walks you through a few ways your home surveillance system can help you keep tabs on your child.

Watch the Videos Remotely

Many surveillance systems now allow you to watch a live stream of what is going on in your home even when you are not there. You can often watch the videos on your computer, tablet, or phone from anywhere. This allows you to make sure your child is telling you the truth about what is going on in the home when you are at work or running errands.

Motion Activated Cameras

If you are a heavy sleeper, it can be hard to wake up to every creak made throughout the night. Your child may be taking advantage of your heavy sleeping and sneaking people into your home during the night. The motion activated cameras will record any motion in the room to ensure that your child is caught sneaking someone in while you are sleeping. You can watch the videos the next morning and address the issue right away.

Time Stamped Evidence

If your child claims that they were home by a certain time, you can check the video recordings to see exactly what time they got home. Each video will be timestamped with the exact time the recording took place.

Digital Storage

In this day and age, many children are very technologically savvy. 0nce your child figures out that there is a surveillance system in the home, he or she will more than likely try to figure out how to erase videos of them doing something wrong. The system will save everything on an online storage cloud so that your child cannot erase the videos manually to ensure you can watch every video without any issues.

Within a matter of just a few weeks of having the surveillance system in your home, you could completely turn around your child's poor behavior and questionable activity because you will always know what they are doing. The system takes just a few minutes to install and the cameras that are available are now small enough that they can be hidden so that your child does not even know they are being recorded.

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