Campus Security: Keeping Students Safe Takes Technology And A Personal Touch

When it comes to crimes on college campuses across the country, the statistics are frightening, especially to parents already struggling to let their kids leave home. A recent study conducted by the Association of American Universities (AAU) shows that 23 percent of women on college campuses have experienced some form of unwanted sexual contact. School shootings in Virginia and most recently in Oregon have everyone on high alert. So, as a school dean or security director, how do you make your campus safer? Here are some ways colleges across the country are stepping things up make sure their students are protected.


Campus security today takes more than a guard making occasional rounds. With the latest technology, colleges today can have their eyes and ears on almost any spot on the grounds with the help of closed-circuit video surveillance equipment (CCTV). This allows them to spot loiterers and people who are where they're not supposed to be. They can monitor students walking across campus and some even have the ability to scan license plates and know whether or not vehicles belong on campus grounds or not.

Improved access control is another step forward in campus security. Using RF (radio frequency) badges and scanners, students can now control access to dorms and school buildings alike. They are smart enough to allow access only to a student's specific dorm building or floor. Teachers and staff also have badges that allow them access to certain areas, but not to dorms. These systems are sophisticated enough to track comings and goings for evidence purposes should there be a problem, but they also act proactively to prevent non-authorized individuals from gaining access to school buildings.

Communication plays a large role in campus security as well. Since almost every student and staff member has a cell phone, the ability to send broadcast emails and text messages to everyone or select groups is crucial. With this technology, students and faculty can be warned of possible security threats and lock down instructions.

Personal Service

Technology in security is great, but one huge deterrent involves the personal touch. An increased physical presence in the form of trained and armed officers, more patrol cars and regular rounds all help to reduce campus crime rates. Giving students and staff the option of having someone escort them across campus or to their cars at night can give them protection and peace of mind.

Between improved technology and a greater physical presence, your campus can be a safer place to live and learn. This is better for staff as well as current and prospective students. So talk with a security systems company, like Murrell Burglar Alarms, for more information and to implement these technologies and systems today. 

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