4 Tips for Preventing Fires During Family Barbecues

If you are someone who invites the family or the neighbors over to barbecue in your backyard, you need to be aware of fire-safety precautions. Many homeowners overlook the dangers that are presented when they are barbecuing on their property. Here are four tips to ensure that a major disaster is prevented so that your friends and family can continue enjoying their time with you.

  1. Place the Grill Strategically: First off, the grill should be placed at a safe distance from your home. It's best not to barbecue underneath any awnings or right up against the side of your home. You should be in open space in the yard while barbecuing. You should also be barbecuing away from guests, especially away from young children who could knock the grill over while running around.
  2. Keep the Grill Clean: Before you even start grilling, you need to be sure that your grill is clean. Since grease and fat tend to build up on the grill, you need to have these things removed and the grill cleaned off thoroughly. This is because these two things are extremely flammable. If your grill does catch on fire because of this buildup, you will need to smother the fire instead of attempting to put it out with water. When you pour water on the fire, smoke will rise up and make it difficult to see in all the chaos. This will make it almost impossible to put out the fire safely and effectively. 
  3.  Allow the Coals to Cool: If you own a charcoal grill, you will want to ensure that the coals you used to grill cool down significantly before you throw them away. Once the coals are cool, throw them away in an empty metal trash bin. This will give them more time to cool down completely before you throw them away with anything that could potentially be flammable. 
  4. Have Your Fire Alarms Installed and Working: Finally, you should never host a barbecue if your home does not have fire alarms that are functioning properly. If you need new fire alarms installed, it's best to hire a fire-alarm installation company that can install fire alarms that alert authorities right away. This way, should a fire start, the fire department will be well on their way before the fire gets out of hand. 

When you consider these four fire safety tips, you can have a safe barbecue for your friends and family.   

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