A Guide to Common Aspects to Consider When Getting a Dog-Friendly Home Alarm System

When your dog doesn't feel like a good enough deterrent to unwanted trespassers, it is a good idea to consider the use of an alarm system. However, the very movements of your beloved pets could be enough to set off the new alarm, so it is necessary to allow for the unique needs of your home and family when making that important decision. Therefore, the following information will be quite helpful.

Choose a Unit With Sensors That Can Be Aimed Away From the Floor

Since you will find that many alarm systems use movement to detect the possibility of an unexpected person and your dogs are likely to provide that movement, it is a good idea to allow for the presence of sensors that can be aimed somewhere above the floor. You will obviously want to consider the size of your dogs and their common movements when you are planning for the use of your sensors. For example, if your Great Pyrenees is known to jump on the kitchen counter on occasion or your English Toy Spaniel enjoys moving his crate around under the dining room table, it is crucial to find a unit that permits the modifications of your sensors to the height and locations your pets favor.

In that interest, it is a good idea to measure the heights you expect your animals to reach prior to meeting with an alarm specialist.

Ask for a System that Ignores Common Weights & Sizes of Pets

Since the alarm that you ultimately choose will be sensing unexpected items, it is now possible to choose a unit that plans for their presence. If you prefer not to modify the existing sensors on your unit, you can instead choose to use a unit that allows for their presence when determining future movements. For instance, you will find that some motion sensors now can predict up-and-down or left-to-right movements, so your pet's movements will be very dissimilar to that of an intruder.

That means that it will not be challenging for the system to know when it should or should not set off the blaring, distinct sound of warning about the presence of an unexpected intruder.

In conclusion, choosing a safe and usable alarm system for your home when you have indoor dogs and will be away from the property can be challenging. As a result, it is a good idea to be aware of the advice listed above when you are making that crucial decision. If you still have questions, contact companies like Videotec Corporation to learn more. 

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