Benefits Of Installing A Fire Sprinkler System In Your Home

Fire suppression systems are designed to extinguish fires without the need to be activated by a person. Common types of fire suppression systems include fire sprinklers, condensed aerosol fire suppression systems, and gaseous fire suppression systems. In residential settings, fire sprinklers tend to be the most popular type of fire suppression system installed. There are a number of reasons to consider having a fire sprinkler system installed in your home, such as:

Protect Your Family

No one ever thinks that their home will catch on fire, but there are thousands of house fires each year. House fires can be particularly dangerous when the start at night when everyone is sleeping. Even if the smoke detectors go off and wake up the family, being exposed to smoke can be very dangerous, and depending on where the fire is located, it may be difficult to get out of the house. A fire sprinkler system will activate quickly and can extinguish a fire before the house erupts in flames, minimizing the risk of injury or death to the people inside the home.

Lower Insurance Premiums

While installing a fire sprinkler system requires an upfront investment, you can save a lot of money in the long run. Since fire sprinkler systems greatly reduce the chance of a fire causing widespread damage or a total loss after a fire breaks out, homeowners insurance companies often offer discounts on monthly premiums for homeowners who choose to install fire sprinklers. If you live in your home for several years, your insurance savings can really add up.

Less Water Damage than a Fire Hose

Residential fire sprinkler systems are very effective at putting out fires as soon as they start, but they don't use as much water as a fire hose. Thus, a fire sprinkler system will not cause as much water damage to your home, which can make the clean up much easier. Also, since a fire sprinkler system activates as soon as it senses high heat, the fire is less likely to spread, so a smaller area of your home will have water damage.

Each Sprinkler Head is Activated Individually

When you have a fire sprinkler system in your home, the entire system will not begin spraying water all over the house when there is a fire. Each fire sprinkler head is individually activated, so a sprinkler will only turn on in an area that exhibits a high rate of heat that indicates a fire. 

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