Parent Getting Older And Lives Alone? 2 Tips To Keep Them Safe

If your parent is getting older and is living alone, there are many things you can do to keep them safe. This way your parent can continue living in their home and you will not have to worry about them as much. Below are two things so you can decide what you would like to do.

Hire an Emergency Locksmith

A locksmith can provide your parent with help in many ways. Because of this make sure you have the name and the number of an emergency locksmith in your parent's house, like A-A Lock & Alarm Inc or another company. Your parent should also have this number with them when they leave the home, such as in their smartphone or on a piece of paper. 

If your parent becomes locked out of their home the emergency locksmith can come to their home and unlock the door for them. The locksmith can make a key for your parent if they have lost theirs. If there is a problem with the lock the locksmith can install a new lock for your parent. 

Your parent will have to show their driver's license and write their signature on a piece of paper before the locksmith will open the door for them. 

Install a Security System

Because your parent is older, you should consider a security system that connects to a security company. With this, if the alarm on your parent's system goes off the security company will immediately contact the authorities, such as the police and ambulance, to come to your parent's home.

The security system can place sensors on all windows and doors so an alarm will sound of any of these are opened. There will be a control panel installed in their home that is generally placed on a wall. Your parent will have a code that they enter to turn the alarm system off and on. Your parent will also have a code that they have to give the security company in case they accidentally cause the alarm to go off. 

The security company can install security lights, video surveillance cameras, and more. Security light are beneficial as many intruders will run away if a light comes on while they are trying to break into a home. Some security companies have necklaces that have a button your parent can press if they fall down. This button connects to the security company. 

Besides these two things, make sure there are no tripping hazards inside the home, such as loose carpeting. 

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