Investing In A Web-Based Card Access Control System

Did you purchase an apartment complex that you would like to make more upscale and secure? If your tenants must enter a building to access their apartment homes, installing an advanced security system is an upscale upgrade to consider. Your tenants will feel more secure knowing that entering the building is not an easy target for trespassers, which might also be enough of an upgrade to start charging more rent per month. A security system that works by using access cards is ideal for an apartment complex, and you can choose a system that is web-based. You will feel confident that you made the right investment for your apartment complex because several benefits are included.

A Cloud-Based Security System

What makes a web-based security system ideal for an apartment complex is that the system will be monitored and stay up to date. For example, the software used to run the system will never become outdated and put the security of your tenants at risk for the system being compromised. The software will receive automatic updates when it is necessary without a technician needing to visit the property to do so. The data contained within the system will also be protected, as data is automatically backed up every now and then. Rather than data being contained on an onsite server, all of the data will be stored via a cloud server and monitored for problems.

Conveniently Manage Access Cards

If you have a substantial number of tenants and employees at your apartment complex, you will need to issue a lot of access cards. Fortunately, issuing access cards is not a task that involves complicated steps, such as needing to input a lot of data into the computer. The extent of data that is needed to activate new access cards will depend on whether you want the cards customized or not. For example, if you want to keep the cards simple, you can activate the cards from a computer without any specific information about your residents or employees. However, you can also make the cards personalized with the names of your tenants and employees, as well as other types of personal information.

Easily Integrate Upscale Features

The benefit of having a web-based card access control system that is monitored via a cloud server is that other features can easily be integrated. For example, if you would like to grant your tenants access to an intercom system that allows them to communicate with guests who are waiting at the entrance, it can be done. Other cloud-based features can be integrated as well to give your apartment complex upscale appeal.

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