How A Commercial Security System With Integration Protects Your Business

Small businesses are at risk for a wide array of threats, emergencies, and dangers. These risks include fires, natural disasters, intrusions, and criminal violence. Business owners must be well prepared and equipped with the appropriate fire and life safety systems. In the event of an emergency, they also must have the ability to effectively communicate and respond quickly.

Commercial security systems from companies like A Tech / Easy Living Store can counter these threats. Read on to find out how a commercial security system with integration protects your business.

Limit Access

Access control is a component of a security system. It restricts the access of someone to a room or building. A keypad is put on the door lock. The only people who can access the building are the ones with the access code.

This component also make it harder for burglars to get into your business. It is another obstacle burglars have to overcome to commit a crime. An access keypad may even discourage some burglars from trying to break into a business.

Record The Comings And Goings

Today's commercial alarm systems are very complex and made up of a variety of components. Video surveillance is another component of security systems. This system uses cameras to observe an area. Surveillance cameras are usually connected to an IP network or a recording device. They can be put around the perimeter of a business, at every entrance, and inside of rooms. The videos are often watched by law enforcement officers or a security guard. Law enforcement officers can use surveillance systems to detect crimes, investigate crimes that have already taken place, and to gather information about crimes.

Detect Intrusion With An Alarm

If you want to know when someone is illegally entering your business, then you need to install an alarm. A security alarm detects unauthorized entry in an area or building. When an unauthorized person enters, an alarm sounds off that alerts people nearby and law enforcement.

Integration brings everything together. It is not a component in your security system; instead it is more of a technique. If you have access control, video surveillance and an alarm system, then you should integrate these components. When you integrate these components, you can find an event on your DVR of a certain person entering a room by checking his or her access card entry. If you do not integrate your system, then you have to visually search your DVR. Integration will save you time and resources.

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