Do You Need A Monitored Or An Unmonitored Alarm System?

If someone recently broke into your business or home, you may want to install an alarm system in your building or house right away. Alarm systems can be monitored or unmonitored. Although both types of systems come with great benefits, only one is right for you. Learn more about monitored and unmonitored alarm systems below.

What Should You Know About Alarm Systems?

Monitored and unmonitored alarm systems both come with features that protect your business or home, including WiFi-assisted cameras. The cameras connect to an electronic device in or outside your home, such as a cellular phone or a computer. The cameras create and record images or pictures of anyone or anything that comes close to your business or home. However, each type of system comes with its own unique benefits. 

A Monitored Alarm System

A monitored alarm system allows an outside security company to monitor your business or home for you. The system comes with special hidden and unhidden cameras, motion detection sensors, and other devices that alert a company about any strange or potentially dangerous activity on your property. The devices generally work together to monitor your building or home throughout the day and night.

If a company detects strange or dangerous activity on your property, they'll contact you immediately to see if you're aware of the activity. A company will also ask if you're on the property or somewhere else. If you aren't aware of the activity or on the premises, a company will inform the local authorities. The authorities will investigate the activity and take action to secure your establishment if needed.  

An Unmonitored Alarm System

An unmonitored alarm system only allows you to monitor your business or home yourself via a doorbell camera or house cameras. You must connect the cameras directly to your device to monitor your business or home. The cameras will send an alert signal to your device to let you know if someone or something entered your building or house.

Now that you know the features of each alarm system, choose the right one for you today. 

Which Alarm Should You Choose?

First, contact a security company and ask its representatives to visit your business or home. Representatives will inspect your property to see which system will work best for it. If your property is large, you may choose to use the services of an alarm monitoring company. A monitoring company can relieve any stress you may encounter about the safety of your business or home.

If your property is small, you may opt for an unmonitored alarm system. A security company will help you purchase and set up your equipment if needed.

Learn more about alarm security systems by contacting a security company now.

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